We cannot leave him here. I will carry him if I must. I belong with my brother.

Anonymous asked:

how did you make your lovely header?

I didn’t make the theme itself but I can tell you how I made the image!

Basically I took a screencap from DOS (the one seen above) and sized it how I wanted it for it to fit, which was significantly smaller than the header size. I fiddled around with the colours and lighting using the colour curves and a levels layer (i don’t have proper photoshop only photoshop elements so yeah)

because it wasn’t quite big enough I made a larger banner and put the edited image in there and put a layer on top that was entirely that grey colour that you can see towards the edges. then i used a soft-edged eraser and erased the centre of the image so it looks like it did above.

it’s been a while since i made it so i can’t really remember all of the details but i hope that’s helpful! if you have specific questions lemme know c:


I literally cry with laughter every time I watch this.


orlando what the flying fuck are you doing are you ok